Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Okay trying to be brave  and post this...I have been asked to draw thistles, at present just don't seem to be able to get them right. A strange way  for me to work as the person has an image from TV that they want  rather than like my style. So me likes a goes

I can copy but that is not right and against my principles. I want it to be similar but my own interpretation....
Also needs to be landscape
My favorite illustrator
Not a 'serious commission' as such so playing for the sake of my 'client' thinks they may want colour 

Above the other day .....pencil in front of TV a limp start then below today after picking some more....

........just had to put some dots


Not happy almost embarrassed  to post.....but like a battle

Photoshop I know its not what 'client' wants but I need to be happy too. Seem to obsessed with how I am seeing it, don't  really like charcoal!

BIN...but jut one
OCD not! ...does not affect me...until you read all this...getting across what I am seeing ...last nights drawing...

and just now....

Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Mock up and printed newspaper

Newspaper - Mock up - -Artwork

well that dates it....

Chucky springs to mind!


Took old portfolio out to take some photos and tucked in a side pocket where  forgotten sketchbooks for when I was a teenager...I must have thought I could be a fashion designer....not sure about the faces but the one dress reminds me of Kylie Minogue's dress...mine was even labeled to be in white! Bottom is a photo of first mural painted... just look at the sofa...all back in fashion now!

Faces are a little worrying!

Sure the bottom dress is something like I see x factor judges in..

Not sure why...I would have done maternity....!!!

Friday, 6 June 2014

Beauty and the Beast

My contribution to the production...The wardrobe to be worn so the wearer needs to be able to dance and move. This came together very well heavy felt type fabric from recycle place ...nice to work with, good body and holds shape but strange as it has broken and blunted scissors and machine needles.  The roughness of  and raggy feel due to this struggle gives it a quircky feel.  More photos to follow next week as i make the top.... maybe a change from original drawing, had an idea!

Screen printing....achievement

 Not my dress or my skills to make the dress but 15/16 meters of fabric that I taught a student the techniques and assisted the printing of.  My love of doing this i used my own discharge paste and unpaid time to do the fabric. Student had assistance to sew this as her sister will be wearing it!  Steam punk. Well done to sixth form student!  I am proud....of outcome

Monday, 2 June 2014


I  have been and am in the process of updating my website. Does not look much but I have spent a week finding all sorts of images storing, sorting and resizing....absolutely brain dead but,  when i checked out what I have done it is so worth it!  Well I think so!   If anyone sees a problem please let me know...The old is still mixed with the new but its a start...Time for a cuppa...