Saturday, 31 December 2011

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Ugg Boot Competition

Entered another a hurry worked design onto boot last night and posted just before deadline.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Moving along..getting worried about time...

Got the frames cleaned sanded and painted- webbing pulled tight and ready to pad out. New material arrived and in the process of dying in one batch to avoid shade differences, that I got with first run. An expensive practise now working just with procions as I have more control over colour.

Busy day, dyeing fabric and hands too... as well as sorting chair

Friday, 16 December 2011

Colour trends 2012-2013

Thanks to Joy for the lovely day in York and Bev for driving up there and the other girls...a really good day talking shop exchanging ideas and looking at trends, reading Joy's Mix magazine. Stayed in all day, wood burner was far too cosy, came home refreshed and full of new thoughts.

New colours with pink and blue still to be put in, not for Birmingham... as work needs to be as was selected.

Retro style chair or previous ornate one?

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Moving on...

I have been using dylon for dying of large pieces of white velvet...but last night I got purple...There is nothing I have done any different to the last two pieces, just luckily I have been working in 2 metre sections only  I will have to contact dylon on Monday as I cannot use this last piece of fabric. 

Think it is getting there...

..need to think on of the roses and other colour, I like as is. Trend 2013 bright blue -lilac -orange and grey teal...also another trend is indigo may just use a little lilac to lift design.- opinions welcome

Friday, 9 December 2011

New Design Britain awards update

Screen for line, but did not use...

Fabric2 before fixing

Fabric1 before fixing


This is where work will be on show...scary and exciting!

Friday, 2 December 2011


Over 140 young designers entered this year’s New Design Britain Awards for the chance to have their designs and products displayed at INTERIORS UK 2012 and win a placement with a leading industry supplier.
Last week, a panel of top industry judges gathered together to study the entrants’ work in detail and selected their favourite designers to go through to the final.
There are now 16 finalists across four categories – fabrics, furniture, surface coverings and furnishing accessories. The work of all the finalists will be exhibited at INTERIORS UK 2012.

The 16 finalists are:
FABRICS: Colleen Ellington, Joy Herman, Penny Seume, Laura Daley
FURNITURE: Greg Parsell, James Uren, Lucy Alice Porter, Liam Treanor
SURFACE COVERINGS: Rachel Hagger, Wendy Braithwaite, Yuri Menechelli, Ying Mu
FURNISHING ACCESSORIES: Liam Treanor, Lucy Alice Porter, Sophie Adamson, Roland Beaven

This is an opportunity to cover a chair in my fabric, test my idea of doing placement furniture fabrics. My blog has been quite as my camera was broken and I have had all manor of problems with fabric that has not arrived, finally sorted with a lighter weight velvet than I wanted to but time is running out...

Sculpture for hospital commission is now finally done and delivered so one more thing of the list!

Preparation for Birmingham next year

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

...we have colour...

"Help..I cannot see"
"no still not..."

"That's Better..."

With thank to Liz and the Art Department...

MONDAY :- Wrapped up and ready to travel....

...We made it to the academy with out any damage. Can't say the same for the car as it was reversed into the neighbours car, OOPS!!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

....update on previous casualties

'Spurtule' was rescued...

Gerbil with wings has joined his friends at the top...head is still original, but wings have been reduced. I plan to use the wings and last teddy to support this lot!!!...the middle section.


Survived the journey home ...but only just, one or two things did topple, got out plenty of scaffolding...

This got home but took a tumble after this pic. i was upset but in a way it has forced me to change tak...for the better

This  poor teddy was totally damaged in the tumble but I will remake...