Monday, 18 April 2011

Week two of the Easter Break

Been working flat out on PPF, struggling to mock up business cards, but have all info needed - well almost all when I came to my digital log I realised that i needed to complete more fabrics, for this and photos on Tuesday.....

9.00 am. Still in pj's been working since 7.00 am, orange hands and a fabric that did not work !It was looking so good just me trying to cut corners, no photo not that it would help. Trying to do steaming at home on larger pieces, made me realise that if I am going to work like this in future i need to sort a steamer out or find one I can use.

Good news is my book will be here today...'For the love of Vector' images are not uploading but will be back later to try again.

Image still rejected maybe its being censored....(joke!)
Happy with my book only one image colour not as I expected.


Images from today....x 2 fabrics..First one black discharge fabric and dyes. The other is imitation leather (vinyl), flock ,matt black clothing vinyl and foil.

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