Monday, 2 May 2011

Bank holiday monday

Nearly 7.30 and I have been working flat out, tiding up finishing loose ends. I am very tied, elbow is giving me grief...just on general a low day. Husband is off a night shift and tied too so best to to just plod on in my studio out the way. 

Just for enjoyment I did another screen to checking that the one I liked yesterday I can get the results again. Feels like much like my collagraphic work, love the texture and grittiness of this and can see me continuing to work in this way. 

Not sure how they fit into collection, but if I have time jewelery can link them.

Mind everything still needs to be steamed...that is the test. . Top one worked best on sandwashed silk, all I had this afternoon was a piece of very fine silk.. we will see...still wet when photo taken.

Last note impala done yesterday appears to have bled after drying????

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