Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Been to Bradford

"Thank you..."

...For the awards at Bradford Textile Society. Lots of lovely work, very inspirational.  Visited Bombay reminded me of a place my Mom and I always like to go when I am home;- an Aladdin's cave. I bought nothing as I will only want to do another piece of work, was supposed to get Alison some pashmina scarfs...but their was just too much to see and not enough time. Only complaint was not tea/coffee -morning -lunch or afternoon!

P.S fabrics on previous blog worked, except the rose panel. I had to go back to my recipes and correct an ingredient...the red was not done but in my 'just go for it ', it sliped my mind and the red ran...I have dyed it all red so we will see, its a mess about peice.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS on this competition win and nomination for Texprint-SO DESERVED you are the epitome of a true Artist and so knowledeable and committed since the day I met you six years ago. Your future success is don't have to do a Fine Arts degree, your work is already 'Art':-)

  2. Just catching up with your blog Colleen and everything looks fab. So explorative, dynamic and innovative. Very well done. ALSO......many congrats on being put forward for Texprint I hape that it opens many exciting doors of opportunity for you. Please keep in touch, you are such an inspiration.