Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sunday 1 May...

even printing on the ironing board.....

Well at last...yesterday I felt that I have reached the end of printing/ doing fabrics. Put blind faith in the knowledge I have gained over the past six years.  Had the house to myself and just went for it ...took over almost the entire upstairs...printing spread down the hallway and onto the landing, what a mess but last push and I am happy with what I've done....not steamed , so fingers crossed my recipes are correct ! Would like to do some birds but firstly i need to look at work that needs trimming mounting general sorting out for hand in and see if there is time.... Did tidy/cleaned the house yesterday...had to.

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  1. wow what a brilliant studio you have!!!!! v envious!!!

    You are braver than me....I've just put my tidy shots up on my blog.....its very good to see someone else whose work takes over the house !:-)
    This could only be your blog...springboks (?)with roses etc.

    Very many congratulations on your Bradford success...due hope you find lots of work contacts from your deserve it...all your work anmazing knowledge of your craft A TRUE ARTIST!!