Friday, 20 May 2011

A week after hand in....

"Take my picture too"...        sunday before hand in
For me it has been very busy work wise, I am very tied,  but what a good week I have been selected for Texprint and New Designers. I never thought of any of this when I started the course, the fact that I got it all done and handed in was a major achievement for me in itself. 


  1. Wht a sweet dog!!!!:-)......and many Congratulations on yet another and Joy are 'clocking them up' and so deserved by both of you. Don't know how you do it with all your other I said before a true artist who can't live without painting-just don't go chopping off an ear- and is still as enthusiastic now as when we began (well maybe even more so!)

  2. Congrats Colleen on New Designers :) I got selected too which I still can't believe!

  3. Well done on EVERYTHING Colleen! I am on the reserve list which I am very happy about because I didn't think that I would be considered at all.