Sunday, 26 June 2011

New Designers and Texprint

I have been getting ready for New Designers and an interview with Tex print Monday 4th ...leaving tomorrow. Unfortunately it is hectic at home with Emily completing her first year of uni...doing a placement here working in York and of course moving out of digs to share a house with the girls. Rebecca has finished college too and is 18 on Saturday...I won't be here, but will be thinking of her....

From London
After New Designers a hotel near Kings Cross...Front of hotel and reception area looked okay... walked through that building

through a beautiful court yard...

lucy it was only one night and the staff where pleasent, and breakfast was good

Saturday, 4 June 2011

A wallpaper

I like this wallpaper one of the very last designs I did, unfortunately it is not full length and landed up being a lone piece as the other paper like this got damage/over worked and looked a mess.  For new designers I would maybe like to do another...a couple just short pieces to display one under each other. If Texprint interview happens look at fabrics..

New Photos

Final got to rephotograph some detailed sections of work. Been shopping and looking for a dress found so many insprational print... looking forward doing more designs.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Today is the first time it has sunk in that our Final Degree Show is next week, and i am finally feeling excited and ready to get it put up...I've painted my boards and started to prepare my display fixtures and fittings. Still eagerly awaiting news of texprint,I have been working ideas and other fabrics that I did not hand in, in preparation for this and New Designers. Yes I had not put this in my blog but I am over the moon to be going to New Designers...Registered last night for New Designer and  Arts thread on line portfolio. This cool code points you to the page when scanned on your mobile...Just give me a little time to upload much to do....

More exciting photo to follow soon.....