Saturday, 13 August 2011

Sorting my web pages out...

I must sort my web site out, it is a tedious job so may not post for a while. To those interested I have put a couple of new blogs to follow, basically a follow up from London.  Only yesterday was I feeling better about my work/direction, as I much prefer to work like this... but on seeing the work in Texprint and Artsthread....I need to think more, take one the role of designer and stop messing about. 

Bird done in illustrator...just struggling with scanning...repeat well almost a miss is as good as a mile...

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


About 1600. Fontainblue France, in the style or by Bernard Palissy. Earthenware in colored glazes. Not typically his subject matter, but could have been specially made....

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Playing detective....

Finally got round to taking Si to the Bowes Museum to meet with Dr Coots  the curator of ceramics. Not to sure where to begin this story but my husband was left an old  plate, found by his grandfather way back on a building site near Winchester Cathedral. (the story needs more info/ research). Granddad had glue the plate together as it was in three pieces, but as time went on it came apart and the  pieces where put in a drawer and forgotten about.
Simon wanted to glue the thing on and off 

As part of my FMP I had gone to Bowes to do some drawing,and in the one cabinet I saw some china that reminded me of the plate...the faces are ugly oops! unmistakable. I showed a friend and ceramicist the piece and she, Liz agreed there where similarities.

Long story short after yesterday, it is indeed a sixteenth century piece.... will have to come back with more details as ,have not got my notes. Need to verify its provenance, it depicts a religious scene which could/would have been smashed during the reformation? King Henry .... 

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Saterday ....rain, rain and more rain

Leatherman completly refurbisher the sofa and chairs. Will do Mrs Frags shoe on far wall and brig some colour in - with rug, and drapes...?
Did not go out, tonight's braai was canceled, did not even fancy going to shops to look for carpet, lights etc so lounge finished to now. (P.S follower  I have a problem and cannot reply to comments, but regularly, read your blogs and links, trying to sort this!)

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Having a style

I have just had my leather setee and chairs refurbished. I wanted to do the room with new low furniture, but the peices I have seen are exspensive....Take a look at a days work.  

I am very please because I realize if I had gone for the units I had seen I would be short of cupboard space, this cost nothing so I can get lights, window dressing a rug and even maybe a floor lamp I saw and liked. 

A lounge unit simlar to what we have, no glass doors and one unit is a single

The smaller unit legs remove and door rehindged to drop down, need another small handle on right corner

The double unit legs removed and bridge shelves cut and reused to make middle shelf. Suprising how much I seem to have stored

Please I can still turn my hand to any thing , workmanship not bad at all! althoug cutting hollow shelves was scary...

I will post more photo's as today I need to tidy up, packed most stuff away last night, but husband not very happy about the change, need to give priority to his CD collection......