Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Having a style

I have just had my leather setee and chairs refurbished. I wanted to do the room with new low furniture, but the peices I have seen are exspensive....Take a look at a days work.  

I am very please because I realize if I had gone for the units I had seen I would be short of cupboard space, this cost nothing so I can get lights, window dressing a rug and even maybe a floor lamp I saw and liked. 

A lounge unit simlar to what we have, no glass doors and one unit is a single

The smaller unit legs remove and door rehindged to drop down, need another small handle on right corner

The double unit legs removed and bridge shelves cut and reused to make middle shelf. Suprising how much I seem to have stored

Please I can still turn my hand to any thing , workmanship not bad at all! althoug cutting hollow shelves was scary...

I will post more photo's as today I need to tidy up, packed most stuff away last night, but husband not very happy about the change, need to give priority to his CD collection......

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  1. You are so clever, don't worry about what Simon thinks. Glad to see our lounge still looks great!T