Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Playing detective....

Finally got round to taking Si to the Bowes Museum to meet with Dr Coots  the curator of ceramics. Not to sure where to begin this story but my husband was left an old  plate, found by his grandfather way back on a building site near Winchester Cathedral. (the story needs more info/ research). Granddad had glue the plate together as it was in three pieces, but as time went on it came apart and the  pieces where put in a drawer and forgotten about.
Simon wanted to glue the thing on and off 

As part of my FMP I had gone to Bowes to do some drawing,and in the one cabinet I saw some china that reminded me of the plate...the faces are ugly oops! unmistakable. I showed a friend and ceramicist the piece and she, Liz agreed there where similarities.

Long story short after yesterday, it is indeed a sixteenth century piece.... will have to come back with more details as ,have not got my notes. Need to verify its provenance, it depicts a religious scene which could/would have been smashed during the reformation? King Henry .... 

Going ...going...

As for the painting, signed or not it did not survive- middle and last bird were awkward. Bringing color closer to actual color.


  1. OH...poor beady birds...... all gone bar one....BUT ...WOW!!!!!!!! what an interesting day/find...agree, figures are ugly....but....SO OLD....looking forward to reading more about what you find out.....

  2. Wow! Colleen it is amazing that the plate is that old. You must let me know more of the details that you found out. We were talking about the disillusion of the monestries when we were in york at Joy's