Saturday, 6 August 2011

Saterday ....rain, rain and more rain

Leatherman completly refurbisher the sofa and chairs. Will do Mrs Frags shoe on far wall and brig some colour in - with rug, and drapes...?
Did not go out, tonight's braai was canceled, did not even fancy going to shops to look for carpet, lights etc so lounge finished to now. (P.S follower  I have a problem and cannot reply to comments, but regularly, read your blogs and links, trying to sort this!)


  1. Oh I love those little birds, you are so clever. Post some more art, I enjoy looking at it and keeping up with what you are doing. x

  2. Just incase it works for you....I couldn't reply to comments then discovered , thro the help forum that if you unclick the little box next to your sign in data (e-mail and passwords) so that it is empty (and not remembering your details!)that can fix the worked for me :-)
    Love all your birds, FMP and these very beady ones!!!!! Keep up the good work-especially on the miserable rainy days :-)