Friday, 9 September 2011

Biscuit Factory

Thanks to the crowd...Jackie, Mavis and Joy for a fantastic day out.Sorry Bev could not make it... we need to arrange another time and maybe a skill swap day? 

I suggested we all post some comment to help motivate us ..the dry etch prints i said I would upload are at work. 

So in the mean time I will put a design on that I am considering entering for a rug competition, any comments positive or negative will be appreciated, honesty is best....even if brutal, (I can take it...)

Wall Hanging or rug commercial interior 
Not sure if this picture is the best but for now just an idea


  1. The blue/white contrast/coastline style edge reminds me of some of Henrik Simonsons work (the print I am thinking of is ion view/sale at Gallerina Darlington. Like the 'perspective' of the rug in situ image. Personally not sure about the yeallow but think that's just me and bright colours! Best of luck with the really were born to create!!!!:-)
    PS Is it easy to get to the Biscuit Factory,from the railway station when I looked it up a few weeks ago it seemed a bit off the beaten track!!???

  2. Not sure from railway station, as Mavis kindly drove...

  3. Thanks for and can go see, ties in with ideas generated after yesterdays visit.

  4. I think the rug design looks good Colleen. Though I might agree with Chris to some extent about the yellow. Perhaps it's the yellow on the rose area that bothers me a bit. I really like the linear and asymetric aspects of the pattern. Well done and good luck!