Sunday, 1 January 2012

Progress on chair fabric...

Two cushions :-for my sister as Mom, who has been visiting is returning home...

Struggling with fabric that does appear the same colour. Is not same colour. Velvet reflects in the light and shades of blue can be so different even though on this the second attempt with a second lot of fabric I have tried to dye every thing and do one rinse all pieces ... unfortunately using different brand of dye. New Years Eve and News Years day took another shot at sorting this, will see tomorrow in day light how this is going. 

Rather faded worn look that I think I long as I can get the back to match. Roses will be stronger.

...just doing my usual and trying something so way more material may need more. The whole lot will need redoing if that is the case (new fabric).

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  1. Those cushions are adorable, always love a dachshund xx