Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Update on chair fabric...

This fabric has been bothering me, had discussed smaller repeat and another colour way but as I am planning to digitally print this one and just did not/could not like it enough to warrant the money. This morning I went to see Jackie to mull it over, make some buttons have tea.... Jackie has a curtain business and a strong eye for pattern/repeat ect, her suggestion was to put it on a chair to scale... we looked at pattern books and after coming home I decided to go large and I like this...(I think!)   Thank you Jackie
New photo better proportioned print/pattern


  1. I think that these chairs look great Colleen! I just wonder if the pattern should be a little bit smaller so that you get more of it if you know what I mean?

  2. This image seems different to the one I made the first comment about, is it? Anyway for some reason I feel that the pattern is sitting better and its looking more kind of evenly distributed?