Wednesday, 30 May 2012

'Thinking out loud'

I so want to digitally print some fabric. I was thinking that if I did this for the little chair it would cost less than the other two, which I can I hand print fabric for. So far costs look to be in the region of  £180-£200 which, with the work involved makes it an expensive chair.

I like allot....with flocked space invaders....

Like this in the white but not practical for a chair

The other argument is to do placement print on the chair- this is what I started with the blue chair, and as I said I want to sharpen my skills... If I do this I need to think of which design...I will try the owl on my screen ( tea pot)  as a placement and see what comes...Have been decorating the house need to finish and then crack on. Got paper work too as applying for small fund and/or placement in college.

Do I stay retro or do I do something  floral, birds or even jewels crowns celebrate ect  though most people maybe sick of the jubilee stuff by august and it will be on maybe not this direction!  Owls as above are not good for covering chairs but will try him on a drawer unit ...

PS:- No teapot for a long time as poor Liz (ceramicist with access to a kiln) has torn her Achilles tendon, had surgery and is on a long road to being back on her feet...

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