Monday, 26 November 2012

Re:- Designer Market place

Well I have been quiet for a while but not lazy, been very busy and now its time for a snap shot of stuff that is almost ready for the market

Preparing work with mounts...trying to make the best decisions as work needs to fit stranded size frames.

This one may need a square frame and white

Selling prints in a mount  protected by cellophane.

Silly bird stickers

Thinking...only frame I have ... progress

night lights? progress

I am  fond of this print, may keep for myself , the actual mark making, details around the redand I wonder if I am not seeing it for what it is? A respected friend felt uneasy/unsure with the position/relationship of said blob-(constructive and very welcomed...thanks) 

...opinions are welcome please!   I may just  use smaller mount and find a section

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Job Hunting

It has been awhile since last posting...I have been applying for jobs, this seem to be so time consuming and many applications do not even get a response. A wake up call has been the realization of my pay to my worth! Along side this I have been developing my screen printing , mixing it with knowledge I gained through collography and relief printing in general I am pleased with the out come but not sure of the image/subject matter - final image needs further work or to be worked back into...

Different papers/card effect the quality of the print...

selecting the right paper gives you more 'open time' ... to work back into..
.... result, I like!