Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Kudu prints getting there

Two colours down, working towards prints to sell so need to make sure i don't mess them up. Still need to stretch and put another colour.....maybe yellow. Short run as pulling screen to pieces and will then do birds...Artwork is done for pigeons in city type landscape.
As for chair will need to get fabric as dyed piece is a green black and not worth messing with any more.
As for the gold ones these are screen printed on recycled gold leaf place mats...sanded and layered nice surface as can 'push' prints about. comments on these welcome as i get carried away with the process !
No news about art therapy job I applied for ...fingers crossed.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Time off work....

So been busy. brought this chair inside as will cover it, started last year with stripping it so about time. Been through fabric and don't have any , except this ugcky green, got grey dye in so tried this......don't think it will work but give it a try. Been busy sorting stuff to sell on the 9 nov bazaar, took dogs for second walk came home to an empty house.... screen printed every thing i could put hands on....table mats wood... old work!

Monday, 28 October 2013

More live thinking...

Done in a few hours----Illustrator ----outline for cutting/ making stencil for screen printing. Thats if I do decide to go ahead with it. Wondering if I should try develop illustration, just so much out there thats looks so impressive.

Back to

Re drew Kudu skull to actual proportions. Print as done very quickly so I can access. Had a discussion with daughter who thinks my work does not sell because of subject matter...she thinks skulls, deer, africa should be left out? Any comments welcome....This work is my thinking process.

Sunday, 27 October 2013


I have taken a table.....maybe see you there! Need to get busy and prepare my stuff. May sell airbrush stuff., acrylic inks and cleaners. Vinyl packs if i have any, but definitely some screen prints.

Saturday, 26 October 2013


this is getting where I am going need to go smaller and mor compact/busy.

Todays prints so far....

Started to add to the screen and overprint. I am enjoying this and my work has a style that is coming through. They are not a run each one is unique but also difficult to number, the process is organic no order with only a few making it to the end, they are a cross over between collagrapy/print making but done as screen print. These works are not 'experimental' as I know how to recreate similar. I was put to the test -commissioned for one 'like that' but facing the other way.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Todays screen print...

Just ... a few pulls to see if I like. Stylized Kudu skull, the beginning of another idea. What do people think?

Thursday, 24 October 2013


This is now going very well, been doing about three workshops in a week for the last month or so. Been a big learning curve for me, started with flour paste screens which students found difficult to get their heads around. Numbers dropped so was action needed...then using paper stencils, this some found difficult to cut... so separate sessions to create stencils... which led to me giving my left over vinyl bits to a group and wow! I got them onboard and wanting to do more. Today we moved to painting screens and doing manutex pull. After half term screen printing will be their own designs....

A few pics of my own current work ...Kudu and typography. Very individual style of working, screen printing but well mixed with knowledge gained from print making and more so collagraphy.

Saturday, 19 October 2013


As of november I am letting go of my website.....I have been quiet for a while as there are big changes for me and my practice, well I am hoping so. At present I am thinking, stewing as I want to put a new action plan in place for next year. There is a lot going on, I have been doing screen printing with groups of secondary and 6 form students, I am comfortable and confident with this now. There' s my own work, I think I have found my thing and I plan to sell work- Etsy ? I also have an application in for a job as a art therapy worker....only just. (Would be nice to at least get an interview) fingers crossed!