Friday, 28 February 2014

A lot been going on....a sneaky peak at new work soon for sale....

Older work in a shop .... think window looks good!

birds and more next step, to sell

Did today and enjoyed ...a bit of what I like doing!

Friday, 7 February 2014

Kudu finished and on wall it was intended for

An indulgence on my part.  had to hang it or I was going to start adding something, when not on this wall the darker right side as facing it seemed too bare. I think it sits well here.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Screen printing workshop

Been a big job, class is a little to large fourteen yr 7 and a few yr 8's. Was going to do with another staff member but this change so decided to go ahead. DESIGN IN NATURE-using bugs. I created the stensils from students primary drawings. while screen printing with a few set the rest loose with jutta and silk.......

14 screens well almost -had to double a few up

Jutta waitng for colour

storing left over bits for other projects

first tea towel  (one jutta bug)

Planning to do leaves , circles or strips on screens for colour....a little choise.

What a relief..

This has  given me a challange, just today I came in from work ready to bin it....and took one last shot now feeling happy, break through!  done what I wanted to achieve just white to fill in.
This has been a rather large experiment, wanted to work with chalk paint, did not want to buy board so thought I would upcycle a old canvas. This piece has to be left as wieght of chalk paint causing problems... when canvas is flate frame pushes into canvas surface. Ready to work on wood- formula in place will leave Kudu now and do more birds. PS BEEN LOOKING FOR TEA CHESTS OR RECLAIMED PLYBOARD ANY SUGGESTIONS WELCOME. 

photo bit washed out as taken at night.