Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Monday, 21 April 2014

New items on Society 6

Easter work...

I am very please with my colour ability and mixing it all seems to have fallen into place.
This one A4 + in acrylic bottom one house emulsion.

A 24" x 24"canvas started and just gone its own path still needs a little more work but need to leave alone as may just over do things, enjoying this. Test the water and will do some other subject matter.

Now to get work into on line store website ect....need to work out postage.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Been alone for most of it, job application posted, blog updated and a little screen printing!
Liked this and then slipped with screen,...


The students who worked in this workshop over the last six week have been able to take home a bug ( Design in Nature) tea towel and some beautiful silk paintings. The black outline  individual to each student then circles in red and  bug shapes in yellow.  I enjoyed this and learned youngsters are afraid of over printing! Students also enjoyed it to and want to sign up for more..." Miss maybe t-shirts?". Think there are a few mom's getting t towel gifts this Easter


A little update

I have been wanting to do regular posts and start a more exciting blog for people to follow, but so far job hunting and applications skills audit ect have taken a priority. I have been painting and it just draws me in, applications and forms are so boring...I really like the latest piece and where it has gone/turned out...not sure where it will go next we will see.
Used to have this logic/theory of drawing something re drawing and redrawing then drawing from memory because the drawing then is simplified to the strongest of bits and those that left an impression on you. This buck done like this is part of the old and very much part of the new post degree more rounded, pattered....design like?

Been so worried to work in acrylic as thought I would go back to the  past way and blue....(recent fox canvas) but okay moving forward.


Screen Print /spray paint/  posca pen accents



Wednesday, 9 April 2014