Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Okay trying to be brave  and post this...I have been asked to draw thistles, at present just don't seem to be able to get them right. A strange way  for me to work as the person has an image from TV that they want  rather than like my style. So me likes a goes

I can copy but that is not right and against my principles. I want it to be similar but my own interpretation....
Also needs to be landscape
My favorite illustrator
Not a 'serious commission' as such so playing for the sake of my 'client' thinks they may want colour 

Above the other day .....pencil in front of TV a limp start then below today after picking some more....

........just had to put some dots


Not happy almost embarrassed  to post.....but like a battle

Photoshop I know its not what 'client' wants but I need to be happy too. Seem to obsessed with how I am seeing it, don't  really like charcoal!

BIN...but jut one
OCD not! ...does not affect me...until you read all this...getting across what I am seeing ...last nights drawing...

and just now....

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  1. Such a long process when trying for perfection. xT