Saturday, 30 August 2014


Working today pushing stuff..... now just feel lost and not sure of it all, not sure I should submit at all. 

Colour needs to be sorted on computer...very busy maybe over the top not a repeat so panel wallpaper or fabric for accessories, lampshade ? 

......then just a normal repeat

still needs fine tuning...

still think was best/answered the breif but this one was not so popular with readers! 

Friday, 29 August 2014


Did not do a lot  today having problems with colour swatches in photoshop and may have to uninstall. The bold pattern seems to have won  as far as likes go. I managed to do a repeat that is almost there.   But I still like the other one ----just reworking have an idea for bottom one

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Another sample/idea closer to paper cut..

There is  more work involved in bringing this round, this is more on the line of the paper cut idea, my computers colour has gone wierd so need to sort that out


About explains me! A long post but  been working on this brief....thought I would share ...  any comments /feedback welcome before submission. 

Following on explored in this post with more elements paisly lace ect ...

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Saturday, 16 August 2014


Since leaving work I gave myself the challenge not to just keep working but to take time to reflect on my practice.  After plenty of re thinking looking back and reading up on portfolio how what etc, I found some wisdom that I have decided to apply. 
I have spent so long trying to all sort of  styles and ways of working I need to accept what is me and push that forward I know people have not had an interest in it so far but I need to persevere as my portfolio will tell a more coherent story about me and my process than  the chopping and changing.

So to this end while at college I have always enjoyed drawing painting/printing in a way I draw redraw print explore put together and then like to pull it to pieces or more so allow things to break up and then reuse what I find, I like crisp clear vectors fell in love with illustrator, always drawn to pop art and dots and graphics, but flip side like grunge and texture so this is a first tentative visual of this idea.
Its scary but would like and illustration portfolio, the side I may not have is the  commercial slant so either some one has to like my work ethic/outcomes and set or challenge me to a 'live' brief. so I can test this, or not sure.... but here goes. 
Think I will always have a few strands/portfolios,  still got fingers crossed that the commissions I have put an application in for will come through will see in september.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Clients loved both, but this one was instant wow sits well in the space and just what they wanted! 
So pleased just completed the frame and panel it is to be mounted on...just need glue to dry and one strenghtning bar, before pasting this down.

Thursday, 7 August 2014


Wanted to do this without moving or emptying unit. Chalk paint shades did not cover would need stripping down ... stain not sure so today used vynil I have, the unit now looks clean and tidy just needs a frame with legs as this is its problem to begin with ; the whole unit was buckling because weight is not thaken correctly on the legs, especialy with loads of books at the end! 

 I dont like it ... maybe should do shelf and see. Think it should be darker?

I now want to put a target ring to one side and do planes on the wall they were part of original design. Si just rolled his eyes!

Display space for somthing special?

Like the shadows....

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Frustrating day...

Illustrator developed a hick -up had a job to do but colours went weird on screen so did not do, spend the best part of morning sorting it out. Then just did a silly buck thats been rattling round in my head. Comments welcome ...silly,  cute, scrap don't go there...
Outside of  this- thistles not delivered, not sure whats going on, client busy and will ring when ready... I am going to upcycle my sideboard and build a floating shelf, dye a leather foot pouffe and maybe paint the carpet.  Plenty to take photos and share....just need to get stuff together...

Two shades of grey....(garden paint, can I ?) but need it to tone with grey on wall one on the right is maybe too blue and the other is not going on so well. Waitng to order a sample of 'coloured' wax finnish, intended for interiors.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

More on the thistle story...

Took new charcoal sketches to 'client' and forgot to do photos, will get them back. But good news was asked to do a Colleen version....first two where an experiment...long wall paper is my answer. 'Client' seem unsure of what they are looking for, so this should work do a finished piece and hope its a hit. Did another piece of lettering and took this logic, they loved that! I want to splash or do dots but know client did not like dots on previous charcoal one, will see what wins out.
Drawing -scanned -illustrator

reworked illustrator...changed again in final piece to aviod dense black areas

masking fluid very very old and going off so why not!

Now for me...just over a metre long
 hint of aubergine... to match a splash back in kitchen

Space for work is back to being portrait