Sunday, 3 August 2014

More on the thistle story...

Took new charcoal sketches to 'client' and forgot to do photos, will get them back. But good news was asked to do a Colleen version....first two where an experiment...long wall paper is my answer. 'Client' seem unsure of what they are looking for, so this should work do a finished piece and hope its a hit. Did another piece of lettering and took this logic, they loved that! I want to splash or do dots but know client did not like dots on previous charcoal one, will see what wins out.
Drawing -scanned -illustrator

reworked illustrator...changed again in final piece to aviod dense black areas

masking fluid very very old and going off so why not!

Now for me...just over a metre long
 hint of aubergine... to match a splash back in kitchen

Space for work is back to being portrait

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