Monday, 22 September 2014

Stepping forward..

 Met some lovely people today at Stockton Enterprise Centre, so willing to talk and share, so thought I would post a little more info for Stick and Create.
 I have been creating and cutting vinyl decals for awhile now and yes there are companies out there that do them, even cheap ones at some stores but mine are my own creation so like pieces of art. Easy to own art! Many advantages to buying a decal from me from being able to customize or even design your own and postage,getting your hands on these is easier and cheaper than say a framed piece. I will be offering ideas on how to use them some unconventional, some simple and some more advance, all the things I do I personally have tried and tested.
Thank you Poppy Rose

                           Dream catcher #1, bit large, lovely colour but
 unfortunately a discontinued 
                         A slight side step ,
                                    but the head has always got another idea

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