Sunday, 7 December 2014

Been awhile...

Pop up shops last day, no news on that front but so much is going on here. Not sure that this blog is of great interest to anyone, it more a personal log of my journey. ...but been doing a course and hopefully I can soon be posting stuff and stories you want to read, thats the plan.

I am winding and twisting my way through trying to be successful as an artist, make a living from it and I have been here before but not in the same way, redundancy has changed that!   All for the better. I have in the past continually change my work in the hope that it sells or fits in. Big difference now... now my work is my work and I am  finding a place where it fits...been doing social media and promotion style courses.  I have joined facebook pages for all sorts including  paper cutting and seem some wonderful stuff and some of my work lends itself to template so those have gone on my website...more to follow and room for development, decals are staying -with more designs and modifications....getting that all ready for Spring 2015.   

Surprising to most who know me is I have been accepted to submit designs for tattoos....very excited if not a little reserved as may not work but that is work as I like to work!  see myweb page... got a link got/certified!!!!
Waiting to see if client accepts first one!

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