Friday, 6 February 2015

Is it just me that when it comes to writing planning

 ...maybe more difficult stuff you/me keep putting it to the bottom of the pile?  Todays post is about me moving on with what I was doing before the tattoos came along.So I am writing in an attempt to keep me focused and on track. Had a lovely day in York with friends time to chat with others and to reflect on what we have been doing.
I enjoy the tattoo designing a little too much  and Stick and Create has not had a look in, I have to write a bio and plan the lessons for my workshops.  Today and tomorrow by monday all done.... that is what I must do. My friends are  going to be my guinea pigs as this will be the first workshop of this sort....and I may need to iron out some kinks...

Fabric, imitation leather completely embellished/decorated using various CAD cut fabric vinyls
 This workshop is an intermediate- advanced how to, students will each
  1. Look at various samples and the vinyls, their properties and how to use (possible free pre cut offcuts to experiment with) Purchasing more will also be possible from a selection available.
  2. select a section or elements from their design/work - A4 size max
  3. scan and adapt their design element/work and use illustrator to create a cut ready file 
  4.  designs will be cut and prepared before
  5. Using the heat press to set vinyls onto fabric
There will not be a finished piece of work, as such, as at the end  the intention is that each student then looks at their own practice and how they can incorporate the technique into their own work. Students will need to bring in their own sample fabric base to put the vinyls on, dyed or plain various weights, a selection may include velvet, cotton, organza, silk .

There is currently no beginners/crafters session, but hopefully this will follow and  this would be a session in which we focus on students each embellishing an item they bring in.

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